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Studying abroad - from home?

Do you have student children studying in another country where they do not yet have residency, or have friends who do? If so, this could be important information for you and them.For a small...

12 October 2020

We won in the Lords - now to the House of Commons!

UPDATE 15/10/2020: Read our letter to the Home Secretary here.We have been working with peers in the House of Lords to put forward an amendment to the Immigration Bill on the right to return to...

10 October 2020

We did it! Our statement

British in Europe is delighted that members of the House of Lords voted this afternoon in support of amendment 11 to the Immigration Bill. Hundreds of UK citizens living in the European Economic...

5 October 2020

Another Push on the Immigration Bill

As you might have seen, the Report Stage of the Immigration Bill opened in the House of Lords on Wednesday 30 September.Lady Hamwee introduced our amendment on the right to return to the UK with...

2 October 2020

Our right to return to the UK with our non-UK families

British in Europe have long been lobbying Westminster about issues affecting UK in EU within the UK Immigration Bill. This is crucial legislation for us as it removes our existing right to return...

23 September 2020

The Internal Market Bill - BiE's statement

Following the extraordinary events in the UK Parliament this week we have, along with the3million, published a statement calling for the PM to give a statement in the House confirming that the UK...

11 September 2020

Immigration Bill reaches the House of Lords

The immigration bill has reached the House of Lords where several members spoke on our behalf. Below are the two leading contributions from Baron Oates (Lib Dem)and Baroness Kennedy (Labour).We...

22 July 2020

Evidence to Parliamentary Select Committee

At the end of April 2020 British in Europe was once more asked by the UK Parliamentary Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union to provide evidence. We have already given oral...

7 June 2020

Quarantine policy - a letter to the PM

The Prime Minister recently confirmed in the House of Commons that the UK will implement a period of quarantine/self-isolation by the end of May for all travellers arriving in the UK except for...

7 June 2020

Expert Observers - Part 2

On the 30th March British in Europe and the3million wrote a joint letter to both the UK Government and the EU Commission requesting that representatives of our organisations be given a role on the...

13 May 2020

UK Government allocates fund to support UK in EU

The UK Government has today released details of the funds allocated to support UK Nationals in the EU which can be read here.BRITISH IN EUROPE STATEMENT Brexit is an unprecedented political and...

6 March 2020

Response to BiE from Ben Macpherson

On 28 August 2019 Jeremy Morgan and Mireille Pouget of the3million met Ben Macpherson (centre), the Scottish Government Minister for Europe, to discuss citizens' rights for EU citizens in Scotland...

6 November 2019

BiE and the UK General Election: priorities until December

Last week the EU granted the UK another three month extension until 31 January 2020 and the next day, a new general election was announced.The outcome of the UK general election on 12 December is...

3 November 2019

Letter to Michel Barnier from Steve Barclay

Today we are pleased to see that our recent meeting with Secretary of State Steve Barclay (below) has resulted in a clearly worded letter to Michel Barnier requesting the ringfencing of our rights...

7 June 2019
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