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Studying abroad - from home?

Do you have student children studying in another country where they do not yet have residency, or have friends who do? If so, this could be important information for you and them.For a small...

12 October 2020

BiE applies to intervene in two legal actions

British in Europe (BiE) has applied to intervene in two actions being brought in the General Court of the EU about the EU Council decision of 30 January 2020 to conclude the Withdrawal Agreement. ...

4 September 2020

Jane Golding meets Axel Dittman

Release your inspiration...Jane Golding, co-chair, met with Axel Dittman  to discuss the impact of No Deal for residents in Germany.  Jane had meetings at German Foreign Ministry, the Interior...

6 September 2019

Analysis of France's No Deal legislation

Earlier this year, France published legislation that will take effect should the UK leave the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement. Citizens' rights were included in this ordonnance and the...

5 August 2019

Two days of intensive lobbying in Brussels

The BiE advocacy team were in Brussels (23-24 July 2019) with our friends from the3million to push for the ring-fencing of citizens rights whilst in London the Conservative Party elected a new...

25 July 2019

An impassioned plea to protect citizens' rights

Imagine the scene — a modern conference room in the sprawling office complex of Berlaymont, a building which Brexiters love to imagine as the pulsating heart of the Evil Empire. A delegation of...

19 July 2019
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