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We are an advocacy organisation and therefore unable to give individual advice. Given our reduced capacity and lack of funding, we must pass the responsibility of answering more complex questions to the organisations that are funded to do this job. These are the Embassies’ Citizens’ Rights teams, the UK National Support Fund organisations and Your Europe Advice (which has 65 independent lawyers covering all EU states and languages who have national as well as EU legal knowledge).

Due to the high volume of enquiries that we receive and the fact that this is a volunteer organisation, we are not able to respond individually to all requests but we do read all messages.

PLEASE NOTE: We are continuing to raise the issues regarding COVID-19 quarantine and are aware of the issues around GPs etc. Please write to your MP to complain rather than us! Any update will be published on our public TWITTER FEED and FACEBOOK PAGE

For media enquiries, please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.