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Expert Observers - Part 2

Expert Observers - Part 2

On the 30th March British in Europe and the3million wrote a joint letter to both the UK Government and the EU Commission requesting that representatives of our organisations be given a role on the specialised subcommittee on citizens’ rights. Read it in full here: Expert Observers. In response, we received a letter from Wendy Morton, Minister for the European Neighbourhood and the Americas, thanking us for the work we do and explaining: "As you are aware, experts and other persons can be invited to provide information on a particular subject. The co-chairs have not invited external participants to the first meeting. However, they are aware of your request and will take it into consideration for future meetings." Read the letter here. We have written again to the UK Government and the EU Commission with some of the more important specifics that we would like to see discussed and resolved ahead of the first meeting of the special sub-committee of the Joint Committee on citizens’ rights. Alongside a request for clarification regarding the legal status of Guidance Note issued last week, the initial list of concerns includes: 1. Withdrawal Agreement implementation

1.1 Issues specific to British citizens in the EU

1.1.1 Implementation timeline across Member States

1.1.2 Interaction of Withdrawal agreement rights and Third Country National rights

1.2 Issues specific to EU citizens in the UK

1.2.1 Restrictions to Status under the EU Settlement Scheme

1.2.2 Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (‘CSI’) and access to the NHS

1.2.3 EU Settlement Scheme status updates by new identity documents

1.3 Issues related to both groups of citizens

1.3.1 Impact of COVID-19

1.3.2 Application deadline of constitutive application schemes

1.3.3 Documents evidencing proof of status under the Withdrawal Agreement

1.3.4 Extension of the Grace Period - Article 18(1)(c)

1.3.5 Issues of implementation and application procedure - Article 18 obligations

1.3.6 Status of children in care and others

1.3.7 Transparency and Data Protection

1.3.8 Dual EU/UK nationals evidencing their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement

2. Ancillary issues directly related to the Withdrawal Agreement

2.1 Return to country of origin after transition, accompanied by family members

2.2 Travel and visa requirements for non-EU family members of EU and British citizens

Read the full letter here with the supporting information. We look forward to engaging with the committee further and proactively throughout the duration of the implementation process.
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