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January 2020

15th January   Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey met FCO Minister Pincher in London.

17th January Letter written to Michel Barnier with concerns regarding the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement

29th January  Fiona Godfrey and Jane Golding were invited to Brussels with colleagues from the3million to a group Event in honour of the UK Labour Delegation MEPs and staff. While there, they held a meeting to thank MEPs and met with Terry Reintke (MEP)

30th January     Fiona Godfrey and Jane Golding along with the3million colleagues met with Philippe Bertrand (UK Task Force)

30th January   The first in BiE's 6-part guide to the Withdrawal Agreement was published

31st January     Jane Golding appeared on German Television.

February 2020

11th February   Fiona Godfrey met the Brexit team of the European Ombudsman in Brussels.

25th  February  Jane Golding and Amanda Diel gave a presentation and took part in a discussion with the Inter-Ministerial work group on Brexit, Nordrhein-Westfalen State Chancellry, Düsseldorf.

27th February  BiE Conference with the FCO UK Citizens unit - Fiona Godfrey and Jane Golding


March 2020

3rd March  British in Germany held a meeting with Deutsche Britische Gesellschaft, attended by Jane Golding

4th March BiE issued Comments on Commission Implementing Decision

4th March  BiG meeting with the Director of the Berlin Foreigners’ Office attended by Jane Golding

16th March  Jane Golding held a call with Terry Reintke (of the EU UK Friendship Group) about the upcoming webinar

30th March Joint letter with the3million written to the UK Government and EU Commission requesting Expert Observer status at Joint meetings


April 2020

22nd April Jane Golding had a conference call with the UK Ambassador to Germany

28th April Jane Golding  presented at the first webinar held by the EU UK Friendship Group



May 2020

12th May   Fiona Godfrey and Jane Golding attended a conference call with the FCO.

12th May  An article by Jane Golding on Citizens’ Rights appeared in Parliament Magazine.

12th May Letter sent to Boris Johnson regarding quarantine discrimination.

14th May  Fiona Godfrey had a conference call with the UK Ambassador to Luxembourg

20th May  BiE sends a letter to the UK and EU Commission requesting Expert Observer status.

22nd May BiE provided 70 pages of  written evidence on 9 specific questions to the UK Parliament Committee on the Future Relationship with the EU.


June 2020

8th June   BiE was signatory to a letter to Keir Starmer calling for an extension to the transition period.

9th June   BiE and the3million spoke to David McAllister MEP, Chair of the EU Parliaments’ UK Coordination Group.

9th June   Jeremy Morgan presented evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on the Immigration Bill.

12th June BiE spoke with the EPP Rapporteur on the EP resolution on the Future Relationship, Christophe Hansen (EPP, LU)

16th June BiE's first guide to the Guidance note was published.

30th June BiE gave formal evidence to the Committee on the Future Relationship of the House of Commons.

July 2020

13th July  BiE/the3million joint meeting (virtual) with Minister Wendy Morton of the FCO followed by further meetings. 

20th July Fiona Godfrey had a working lunch with the British Ambassador to Luxembourg to discuss implementation issues in LU.

22nd July First reading of the Immigration Bill in the Lords with Lib Dem peers speaking on behalf of BiE's amendment on right of return for non-EU family members which was eventually withdrawn.


21st July Fiona Godfrey met with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Directorate in LU to discuss implementation

30th July Fiona Godfrey participated in a webinar on citizens’ rights organised by the Franco-British Lawyers Society, organised by Ian Forrester, Chair of the FBLS.

August 2020

2nd August Second guide to the Guidance Note was issued

6th August BiE participated in the second meeting of  the Specialised Committee on citizens’ rights established under the Joint Committee of the WA with the3million



September 2020

10th September  BiE participated in the first Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Citizens’ Rights Engagement Forum 

22nd September Fiona Godfrey presented to the FCDO Citizens’ Rights Officers virtual conference

23rd September BiE re-issued the Immigration Bill briefing document and circulated to peers ahead of the Immigration Bill returning. 

23rd September Grassroots letter-writing campaign to support the amendment returning to the Lords was launched.

30th September  The Right of Return amendment was voted in by the House of Lords: 312 votes for v 223 votes against

28th September  BiE France team took part in videocall with Ambassador and team on WA implementation


October 2020

2nd October Fiona Godfrey and Jane Golding participated in a call with FCDO on implementation  of the WA

5th October FG met with the UK Ambassador to LU to discuss implementation 

6th October BiE advocacy team had call with M Meduna of the EU Commission Task Force on WA implementation

12th October BiE France team had call with Ministry of the Interior and Embassy team regarding the opening of the residency portal

12th October BiE issued guidance to students studying abroad given covid restrictions

13th October BiE wrote to the Home Secretary asking for support for the Right of Return amendment as it returned to the Commons

13th October Letter writing campaign to MPs on Right of Return was launched


November 2020

3rd November Calls on Withdrawal Agreement implementation with the FCDO and the European Commission citizens rights team (Advocacy team)

6th November Fiona Godfrey met with the UK Ambassador to Luxembourg to discuss implementation in the country

17th November Participated in the FCDO Citizens' rights engagement forum

30th November BiE France met with the Embassy team to discuss implementation issues


December 2020

10th December Coordination call with the3million

13th December Call with the country group admins in constitutive countries re WA implementation

14th December Call with country group admins in declaratory countries re WA implementation

15th December participated in the Specialised Committee on Citizens' Rights meeting with the UK and European Commission

24th December BiE issued statement on the TCA deal