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January 2018

8th January Joint BiE and the3million meeting with Hilary Benn, MP and chair of the Brexit Select Committee in the House of Commons.

18th January BiE and the3million sent a letter to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council.

23rd January BiE and the3million produced Joint paper on December agreement.

31st January  Meetings with Irish  and German Permanent Representation in Brussels and also the Article 50 Task Force.

Fiona talking to BBC’s Adam Fleming

February 2018

1st February  We met with Italian Brexit steering group member, Roberto Gualtieri before  attending the citizens’ rights hearing. We also attended LIBE committee and had further meetings with the office of the European Ombudsman Brexit team, and Catherine Bearder MEP in the European Parliament before  Jane Golding, Co-Chair BiE spoke in the European Parliament on citizens’ rights.

8th February The advocacy team visited Westminster to meet with Hilary Benn MP and Duma Langton of the Exiting EU Committee.  Later they met with the office of Shadow Brexit Minister for citizens’ rights and the Shadow Immigration Minister.

9th February More meetings in Westminster with DExEU Citizens’ Rights Team.

15th February Jane Golding, Fiona Godfrey and Christopher Chantrey attended the Assemblée Nationale, Paris.

22nd and 23rd February Back to Westminster for meetings with DExEU Citizens’ Rights Team, the clerk to the Exiting the EU Committee ending with a Meeting with Keir Starmer MP

April 2018

10th April  Meeting in Brussels with French Brexit lead, Ludovic Butel.

12th April BiE sent detailed suggestions and questions on the draft of the Withdrawal Agreement to DExEU and the European Commission Article 50 Task Force.

16th April We attended a hearing on Citizens’ rights in the Dutch Parliament.

18th April Meeting in Paris with the French Interior Ministry’s department dealing with registration of foreigners and residence permits.

24th April We attended a hearing of the  Brexit Steering Group in Brussels.

May 2018

1st May Letter sent to David Davis, Brexit Secretary, about the importance of freedom of movement.

14th May We met with Catherine Bearder MEP and Tom Brake MP in Paris

18th May We met with German Brexit coordinator, Peter Ptassek and German MEP Helmut Scholz (GUE/NG) to discuss participation in regional events in Germany.

22nd May Co-Chair BiE Fiona Godfrey met with advisors to Xavier Bettel of Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

June 2018

4th and 5th June We organised a Joint advocacy day with the3million at the European Parliament in Brussels.
We met with  the Article 50 Task Force and Guy Verhofstadt. We had other meetings with Barbara Spinelli (GUE/NGL), Roberto Gualtieri (S&D), Jean Lambert and Philppe Lamberts (Greens), Udo Bullmann (S&D), Claude Moraes (S&D), German Permanent Representation Brussels. Finally we met with the office of the European Ombudsman Brexit team.


6th June  Members of our Steering Team gave evidence Exiting the EU Committee prior to providing oral evidence on 6 June 2018. We also submitted written evidence prior to the hearing.

12th June We gave evidence at the EU Justice Sub-Committee of the House of Lords.

23rd June British in Europe  Steering Group members march for citizens’ rights at the pro-Europe demo in London.

24th June Steering Group strategy meeting in London.

July 2018

9th July Joint letter with the3million sent to new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

25th July Letter re ring fencing sent to Dominic Raab.

August 2018

23rd August Jane Golding gives speech at British Embassy in Berlin expressing the worry and frustration of Britons in the EU and our increasing concerns about a no-deal scenario. She repeated British in Europe’s demands for an improved and ring-fenced agreement on citizens’ rights.

September 2018

4th September Joint letter with the3million sent to both negotiating teams about the impact of no deal.

11th September Meeting with Hilary Benn, MP and chair of the Brexit Select Committee in the House of Commons, with the3million.

24th September Fiona Godfrey attended Council of Europe event Kyiv.

25th September Jane Golding spoke at a Fringe event on Citizens’ Rights at the Labour Party Conference.

w/c 29th September Fiona Godfrey attended the Conservative Party Conference

28th September Fiona Godfrey met with Gregor Schusterschitz,  Austrian Brexit coordinator.

October 2018

1st October Fiona Godfrey joined the3million to discuss ring fencing at a fringe event  at the Conservative Party Conference

8th October BiE and the3million met with the German Foreign Ministry Brexit lead plus German Interior Ministry and Employment/Social Security Ministry officials in Berlin.

9th and 10th October With the3million, the BiE team held a ‘Mini Lobby’ in Brussels over two packed days.  We met with MEPs from the Green and the S&D groups  Claude Moraes, Gillian More a TCN status expert and the Italian and Irish Permanent Representation.  We met the Article 50 Task Force again and various officials including the Chef de Cabinet of Guy Verhofstadt’s office.  In addition we held a drop-in session for MEPs on Citizen’s Rights and held the ‘In Limbo Event’.

12th October  Fiona Godfrey met with Jean-Louis Thill and Michele Eisenbarth, Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Meanwhile Jane Golding met with Permanent Secretary at the Home Office Sir Philip Rutnam.

16th October  Fiona Godfrey and Christopher Chantrey of the BiE Steering Group met with Olivier Cadic,  Senator at French the Senate.

17th October Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey, Deputy Chair, BiE Jeremy Morgan  and representatives of the3million met with Robin Walker, Parliamentary Under Secretary DExEU plus DExEU, FCO and Home Office officials. Followed by further meetings with Paul Blomfeld, Shadow Brexit minister for citizens’ rights and Paula Kelly.

20th October  The BiE Co-Chairs and members of the BiE Steering Group attended the People’s Vote march in Westminster.

22nd October Jeremy Morgan meets with members of The 5 Star Movement, together with the the3million to address the rights of British citizens in Italy and Italian citizens in the UK after Brexit

November 2018

5th November   BiE Steering Team host the Last Mile Lobby  of Westminster and Parliament with the3million.

6th November   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding  spoke at the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Außenpolitik’ a Talk on Brexit, citizens’ rights and the People’s Vote in Berlin.

7th November   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding  attended a meeting with BMI (German Interior Ministry) and participated in a panel discusion on  Moneybox live (Radio 4) regarding Brexit and UK in EU issues.

8th – 22nd November A series of meetings were held in SW France by Kathryn Dobson to inform local British nationals.

15th November   British in Italy met Guglielmo Picchi, Under-secretary of State for Foreign Affairs,  and consigliere to Matteo Salvini the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy.

20th November  Open Meeting, British in Italy, Venice. Jeremy Morgan, Deputy Chair BiE,  attended.

21st November Letter sent to Theresa May by BiE.

22nd November Jane Golding participated in a Panel discussion on Brexit and Citizens’ Rights at Europa University, Berlin.

23rd November Fiona Godfrey  met the British Ambassador to Luxembourg.

27th November Fiona Godfrey attended the Article 50 revocation case at the CJEU, Luxembourg.

27th November  Fiona Godfrey attended a Joint meeting with the British embassy and BRILL on citizens’ rights.

28th November Jane Golding participated in a  Panel discussion on Votes for Life at Sussex University.

29th November  BiE Steering Group members Kalba Meadows, Christopher Chantrey and Kathryn Dobson met Deputée Alexandre Holroyd to input into the French Projet de Loi.  They went on to  meet with the British Embassy, Paris and the French Ministry of the Interior.

30th November  Co-Chair BiE, Jane Godfrey met with British Ambassador and Staff in Berlin.

December 2018

5th December BiE and the3million attended the Committee on European Affairs, House of Representatives, the Netherlands, and participated in a roundtable discussion on Brexit.

14th December   British in Italy held a public meeting in Rome.

18th December Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding attended a  British Embassy Information evening and a panel discussion with the British  Ambassador in Berlin.

20th December British in Italy had a meeting with the civil servants in the ItalianForeign Affairs ministry responsible for citizens’ rights.