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September 2017

Wed 6th  BiE responds to the third round of talks.

Wed 13th  Mass lobby in Westminster, members of BiE steering team met 80 MPs and 100 signed our pledge. Our e-lobby reached 400 MPs.



Wed 13th  Jane Golding spoke at a rally in Trafalgar Square with members of the steering team.



Wed 20th   Met with DExEU before the September/October negotiation rounds

Fri 22nd   Wrote to Theresa May after her Florence speech.


October 2017

Thu 12th  BiE verdict on talks deadlock “millions risk being thrown under the Brexit bus”

Tue 17th Christopher Chantrey and Roger Boaden of BiE gave evidence on reciprocal healthcare in the House of Lords.



Wed 18th Fiona Godfrey meets Luxembourg foreign minister



Wed 25th Chair BiE Jane Golding was on Sky News



Tue 31st Jane Golding gave evidence to the House of Lords Justice Sub-Committee



November 2017

Mon 13th  BiE and the3million meet Barnier’s task force in Brussels

Tues 14th BiE and the3million met Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt



Tue 21st Jane Golding makes a statement to the European Parliament Committee for Constitutional Affairs




December 2017


Fri 8th Jane Golding responds to the EU/UK deal on Sky News


Wed 13th EuroCitizens (BiE), the3million and Espanoles en el Reino Unido met Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis